March 2, 2022

Steves & Sons Launches Training Program for Team Members 

Not only is Steves & Sons committed to creating quality doors, but we are committed to turning jobs into careers. One way we do this is by providing production team members with career advancement training and extra-earning opportunities. The new Team Member Development Training Program led by Ken Melton, Continuous Improvement Manager, is one way for Steves employees to gain valuable education to help them increase their job performance and even earn a bonus. 

This elective program currently has two levels, with more in the works. The Base Level, 5s, focuses on the core disciplines of waste management. A few of the gains participants can expect are to learn how to prioritize safety, minimize material waste, and have clean, orderly departments. Participants will receive a pin to signify their expertise in 5s. 

The White Door Level is next, and it introduces employees to more advanced waste, safety, and organizational concepts. The Level 2 course also offers a monetary bonus along with a new pin upon the completion of the course and a 30-minute exam. They can expect to become better problem solvers and improve manufacturing reject rate when they put their new knowledge into action on the floor. 

More program levels with additional monetary bonuses are currently in development. The company is looking forward to seeing the benefits of employees learning about waste management and forming more cohesive working units. Ultimately, the most important outcomes of the Team Member Development Training Program are that departments will align, teams will look out for the safety of one another, and individuals will take pride in learning new skills. So far dozens of employees across the Steves & Sons facilities have participated in the program and found it has helped their departments streamline their processes. 

If you’re interested in joining our legacy of incredible production team members at Steves & Sons, visit our Careers page to apply now. 

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