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Steves & Sons offers a variety of door categories based on the construction of your door. From high density fiberwood to flush wood doors, there are five simple categories to help you choice what works best for you.

Flush Doors – Economical and naturally warm, flush doors are perfect to match the wood detail in existing wood furnishings. Several wood varieties which include oak, maple, birch and ash can match your kitchen cabinets or set your bedroom apart with complimenting wood molding.

Molded Panel Doors – With more choices than Flush Doors, Molded Panel doors gives you the flexibility to add a little architectural design to your home. Choose from 6 to 2 panel designs in smooth or textured finishes to distinguish your home from your neighbors’.

Wood Panel Doors – Constructed with true stiles and rails, solid wood doors are a perfect mixture of the warmness of wood in classic panel designs. Wood panel doors are perfect for transforming your home into a mountain cottage retreat or the elegant modern mansion.

Glass Inserts Doors – These true divided light doors are a perfect welcome as you walk into your home office or library. From clear glass to total privacy from our 1 Lite Obscured, these doors are perfect accents for any decor. Individually masked lites makes painting or staining these doors a breeze. Highlight your cupboard with our clear pine Pantry door, or add a Contour V-Groove to the study.

Ultra HDF Doors – If true stile and rail construction with a solid wood feel while offering sound reduction is what you are looking for, consider the Ultra HDF Doors. Utilizing high density fiberwood, these doors are made to order and are offered in several styles including the crisp shaker sticking with a flat panel design or the traditional raised sticking and double-hip design. Perfect for any room where sound reduction is required.

Bi-fold Doors – Convert existing door opening into a space saving bi-fold door while maintaining the same styles and designs as offered in our Flush and Molded Panel Doors.

This is a common question that we hear on a daily basis.  For most interior flush and molded panel doors we do not recommend cutting over 1/2″ of an inch off the total width or height or a door.  The 1/2″ and under cut downs will need to be preformed on both the top (1/4″) and bottom (1/4″) rails of the door.  This will ensure the structural intergity of the door will remain.  If cuts need to be made greater than 1/2″ of an inch, please contact customer service; we can special order any size of interior flush and molded panel doors and saves you the headache of cutting the doors down.

For any other doors we do not advocate the cutting of the doors. And remember, any cuts to a door will void the manufacturer’s warranty.

The following stains from Sherwin Williams are close matches to the pre-stained doors from Steves:

Steve’s stain color – Natural: Sherwin Williams stain – SW3202 Wheat

Steve’s stain color – Harvest Oak: Sherwin Williams stain – SW3216 Library Oak

Steve’s stain color – Hickory: Sherwin Williams stain – SW3220 Mission Oak

Steve’s stain color – Rosewood: Sherwin Williams stain – SW3214 Traditional Cherry

Steve’s stain color – Chestnut: Sherwin Williams stain – SW3227 Sedona

Steve’s stain color – Autumn Wheat: Sherwin Williams stain – SW3209 Scandia Teak

It is recommended to try the stain on a small area as wood species accept stain differently and the appearance may vary.

Whether you are decorating, renovating or building a mountain cottage retreat or a classic craftsman home, Steves & Sons has the styles that will complement and enhance your decor. Choose from the traditional Molded 6 Panel in textured finish or a 2 Panel Roundtop V-Groove in Knotty Alder to multiple styles in between the two. We have the crisp 5 Panel Shaker in Ultra  door and the new Molded 3 Panel Shaker.

6 Panel – A traditional, conservative design
5 Panel – An equal panel shaker design remnant of the French Quarter
4 Panel Squaretop – A classic yet unique design featuring 4 panels
4 Panel Archtop – Simple twist on the Squaretop but featuring an “eyebrow” arch
3 Panel – Three distinctive unequal paneled design
3 Panel Shaker – A play on the Southwestern rustic design with 3 panels
2 Panel Squaretop – A square and straight-lined contemporary design
2 Panel Archtop – A distinctive “eyebrow arch topped design
2 Panel Roundtop – A curvaceous smooth-lined design
2 Panel Plank Roundtop – A rustic roundtop design with planked panels
2 Panel Plank Squaretop – A rustic squaretop design featuring planked panels
1 Panel – A simple, minimalistic design with only one panel

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Florida provides an online form that makes checking for standards easy. The form can be found online at Florida

Check at your local City Hall for a copy of the local and state codes for your area.

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