January 20, 2022

Local Door Manufacturer Awarded Pinnacle Award in Sustainable Excellence

San Antonio | January 20, 2022, Steves & Sons, Inc. has achieved the Pinnacle Award from ReWorksSA, the highest level the City can award for best practices in sustainability. Producing high-quality interior and exterior doors while remaining environmentally conscious is how Steves & Sons has operated since 1866.

Since the company’s founding, the Steves family has recognized the need for corporate social responsibility. Going green in every way possible is how they choose to fulfill this responsibility. Not only is recycling better for the environment, but it is helpful to local communities and business associates. In partnership with the community and the Waste Management Industry, all Steves & Sons facilities make efforts towards sustainability.

One of the ways the Steves family reduces waste the company accrues is by finding new, innovative ways to recycle. Annually, Steves and Sons recycles 10.5 tons of various raw material products. Excess foam becomes “Foam Condensifier,” which our partnering vendors purchase and reuse for everything from basketball floors to sneakers. Portions of non-usable steel coil are processed and reused along with trimmings from steel doors. Foam and steel cutouts from Steves doors are reused by one company to create insulated sheds, hunting blinds, and water wells, which are then used in the community. Additional scrap metal is recycled in the United States and goes towards manufacturing completely new items such as appliances and building materials. Wood scraps get ground down into sawdust that is then hauled to vendors for improving soil and organic mulch. The sawdust makes it much more effective at controlling weeds, insulating soil, and conserving soil water.

In addition to these recycling initiatives, Steves & Sons aims to lower the company’s waste even more. Whenever there is waste that is not recyclable, support services extend the life and use of waste containers by compressing down the raw waste. As a result, the containers can continue being filled for two or three more days, reducing trips to the landfill and minimizing carbon emissions. Steves & Sons also uses enough solar panels to power 14.5 houses and reduce greenhouse gases by 474 tons.

About Steves & Sons
With interior and exterior door plants in San Antonio, and interior door plants in Richmond, Virginia, Lebanon, and Tennessee, Steves & Sons employs more than 1,200 associates. The company continues to build its business and reputation among builders and homeowners across the country with continued emphasis on quality materials, new technology and efficient distribution. (

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